Monday, September 24, 2012

Lovely Letters

Hey guys!! I'm going to participate in something called Lovely Letters from ^^ I'm really, really excited for it and can't wait to do it!!


  1. is it cheating to contact your letter partner before the exchange? Howdy pardner (well really it should be gday mate). Looking forward to the details of our first task. Cheers, Rachael (the bowerbird girl)

  2. Hahaha i honestly don't know, but it's great to meet you!!!! I'm super excited and glad to have you as a parter :D Oh yea, and hiya sweetheart (we don't really say howdy here lol, thats more texas ^^ tried using it one day and i got the funniest looks from people, i laughed so much xD) I look forward to your first letter!!!