Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Embracing The Wolf In Me

       One day I was sitting at my computer, reading native american folk tales, and I came across one where a Grandfather was teaching his grandson about life, and he said basically this:
       "We all have two wolves fighting for our heart, one as white as the winter snow, the other as black as the darkest night.  One is that of love, full of kindness, caring and compassion, and the other hatred, filled with malice, anger and cruelty.  And which one wins, might you ask? The one you feed the most"
       It made me start thinking about the animals we all carry inside us; that one particular animal in which we all feel a special connection to.  For me it's wolves. Their beauty and grace, their love, loyalty and gentleness, all are things that make them an animal I truly admire above all others.
       I decided to start surrounding me with wolves, to always carry something to keep that constant remembrance that my wolf is right there beside me, taking the steps I take down the road of life, always with me, always watching me.

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