Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seven Little Memories


Seven little things,
all left untouched by me.
The golden little pocket watch,
counting away the future that will never be,
The little silver hourglass,
holding the past in its sand.
The little rattle of a child,
never to be held in its delicate hand.
The small comb,
that brushed away a beauty long gone.
The little ring,
that gave away his promise long ago.
The little round mirror,
never again to reflect its owner's face.
And last the little book,
whose words are memories best left forgotten.
Seven little things,
shunned by all
and cherished by one.
Seven little things,
reminders of what was what is,
and what will never bbe,
Seven little things,
to be washed away by the sea.

         Just an old poem that I had written a long time ago, that seemed to fit with my favorite picture that I had taken yesterday. Hope you all enjoy it 

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